Chapter 2


Things took a bit of a turn in 2002.

“Great  things
come out of adversity.”

Adversity…  I don’t think
I’ve lived through much of it yet.

Sure, living in a tent is a bit different to
those of us who are use to modern comforts.  If you learn to live without,
you’d be amazed at how easy it can be.  While traveling the past 5 years, I
tried to keep my mind open to just about anything.  I learned that some
people are quite apprehensive until they get to know me. Some are so
apprehensive, they don’t give themselves a chance.  Admit, I ain’t always
open to speaking to some people too. My outward appearance is mostly a facade.
A security blanket of sorts.  I’ve walked into some really seedy places,
and always come out unscathed.  The goatee also keeps my neck warm at the elevations I
could be enjoying at any time.
My hat keeps the bald head very warm when needed, and I don’t have that oil hair
to worry about after several days without bathing.
It has been interesting to watch reactions to my appearance
as I mingle with certain populations.   The Viking Helmet was a huge
help.   Pulling learned techniques from the Mardi Gras Beef Jerky
shoot, I was able to get people to open up to me by wearing the hat.
Nothing ever expects a Viking!  By putting the Viking on the heads of
others. I was able to learn
how to get people do do what I needed them to, and also control the photographs composition
a bit.  I do get
some interesting angles!