Background Check

Background Check
“90% of our lives is spent within our comfort zone.
Expand your comfort zone. and your whole realm of being expands “
Standing outside all night long at work in the Jonah Field. The temperatures this night got down to -28F.
Tired of getting nowhere while working the same menial job in the same warehouse, day after day, he understood a change of direction was needed. He needed to cut his expenses so that available monies could be spent on fuel and film and processing.
In August 1997, Dave moved into a tent.
Dave stowed most of his possessions inside a small storage unit. He kept a backpack and a camera in his truck. Slept in friends yards during the week so that he could remain fairly close to his job. One week of vacation and 6 personal holidays were saved for this period of time. He extended his weekends by taking personal holidays on Mondays. Friday afternoon, Dave would begin an 8 hour drive in some direction. Camp at night, tour the region by day, and repeat until Monday afternoon when he would return to Indianapolis to be ready for work on Tuesday. He has slept on the ground about 70% of his life since then.
I registered this domain in March of 1998.
It was a mess for several years as it grew without a plan.
After a 3rd complete reconstruction, I had built a 1400 page website with HTML3.
Every photograph was linked in chronological order, each page formatted with one a few templates I designed. Those templates accepted a number of gif images that I built myself. Most of those gif images were linked to an index that corresponded to the gif’s title.
Technology evolves. What I built with HTML3 did not look good on small devices because HTML3 is not responsive, and Facebook became a platform that I could directly interact with people that I thought I’d never be in contact with again. So I stopped working with my domain in 2008.
I’ve only just begun rebuilding some semblance of what once was.
“People live, and people die everyday.
If I die while I’m living,
at least I’m living while I’m dying.”

July 4, 2003, Belfast, NI …Dave